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You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes true.

Simona Pierfederici Wedding

Hi, I'm Simona Pierfederici!

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I always start from the premise that every day is precious to learn something new and to enrich one’s experience.We should never stop increasing our skills,  as believing to know enough already doesn’t give the right value to the stimuli that each situation can offer. This lively and curious nature has accompanied me in all my experiences: from when I was an art restorer  in Rome, my hometown, thanks to which I learnt the uniqueness and beauty of the works of art, until today, in this fascinating, stimulating and delicate professional figure of  event planner.

About Me

Tie The Knot Wedding Planning

I started in 2010, in the Chianti region and in a beautiful and historic venue , which I loved and I still love immensely, The Fattoria e Villa di Rignana. There I grew up quickly and I set up to grow it with me.

I shall forever linked to this magical place, with its incredible atmosphere and I feel to have partly contributed in making it so, with my daily and tireless efforts. Still today I am the event and wedding manager there, to plan the very special day of couples and guests coming from all over the world.